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All previous products and methods fail to transport active ingredients deeply into the appropriate skin layers to successfully provide continuous and intensive care where it’s needed most. bdr has managed to overcome this barrier. The bdr research laboratories have created a completely new series of biotechnological Dermacare products. Innovative emulsion technology combines the company’s most valuable natural substances with micro molecular optimized essences. Our team of specialists have developed a combination of modern paramedical equipment technology and dermaceutical active substance serums that turn dreams into reality: Reversive skin aging!

bdr Re-move Ultra Cleanser

Cleansing milk with refreshing and invigorating qualities

  • slightly antibacterial, soothing and regenerating
  • removes makeup and metabolic products

bdr Re-move PH Pure Harmony


Cleansing fluid for inflamed, impure and sensitive skin

  • sebum-regulating, soothing, balancing, removes make-up
  • creating a matte and pure skin sensation
  • relaxed anti-microb, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory
  • soap and mineral oil free

bdr Protect Spray Lotion


Highly concentrated hyaluronic acid for spraying for a smooth and firm complexion

  • The innovative anti-pollution agent Ectoin, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, urea and arginine are combined in this spray serum. Use the fine spray to protect your skin with concentrated active agent power from environmental pollution and premature skin aging. Small molecule hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin layers to regulate the moisture balance of the skin. You will experience a much smoother and tighter complexion and a sustainably hydrated skin. Ectoin as an anti-pollution active ingredient protects the skin against stress factors such as UV and UV radiation, toxic fine dust deposits, dryness, heat or cold and additionally supports the skin’s own immune system.

bdr Re-action Tonic Professional


Intensive pre-tonic for bdr serums and further skincare products

  • activating
  • pore refining and mildly peeling
  • push-up effect

Re-action E Peeling


Double-deep, deep cleansing peeling, enzyme peeling and mechanical peeling in one for an immediate smoothing of the skin

  • The enzyme peeling agent causes the gentle keratolysis and smoothing of your skin. Pure bamboo powder and grated argan peels in organic quality provide the second, mechanical peeling effect mild surfactants clean evenly and intensively highly concentrated. Aloe vera provides your skin with moisture Caffeine stimulates the cell metabolism to radiantly beautiful skin after the first application! 

Re-action Natural Skin Refiner Exfoliation Essence


Natural fruit essence for optimal preparation of active substance absorption

  • divides fat and proteins

  • stimulates moisture production
  • gives the skin clarity, purity and suppleness

Re-action Deep Skin Refiner Exfoliation Essence


Active scrub providing optimal preparation for absorption of active substance

  • loosens the intercellular cement and top horn cells

  • has an activating effect on cell division

  • Provides the skin with clarity, purity and refined pores

bdr Re-cover


Protective gel in preparation for acid treatment, cooling and relaxing

  • adjusts pH levels to alkaline

  • anti-bacterial

  • moisture preserving

bdr Re-turn action neutralizer


Acid neutralizer

  • Restores skin pH level (5.5)

  • Antibacterial, soothing, balancing

  • Ensures a relaxed and smooth skin feel

Re-charge Contour Push Up Serum High-Potential Moisturizer


Refreshing moisture gel for all skin types

  • moisturizing and moisture-binding

  • emollient, surface smoothing, soothing

  • with a burst of freshness

Re-charge N Hydro Serum Maximum Skin Energizer


Intensely regenerating hyaluronserum

  • ATP activating and cell regenerating

  • towards TEWL with simultaneously skin calming

  • activates repair mechanisms and strengthens skin surface tension

Re-lax 3 Firming Serum Skin Repair Code


High-end fitness serum against mimic wrinkle

  • activates fibroblasts synthesis

  • firming and tightening

  • mimic wrinkles appear smooth

  • antioxidant, moisturizing

  • activates cellular repair system

Re-set 4D 4 dimensional age-repair code – eye and lip balm


Cell-regenerative eye and lip fluid with 4-dimensional effect

  • refreshing light texture

  • long-lasting moisture for the delicate eye area

  • relieves puffiness and dark circles

  • visibly smoother and distinctly supple skin


Re-vital Balance Care Intense Age Repair


Intensive regenerating age-control skin care for normal to dry skin

  • activates the cell repair system and fibroblasts

  • intensely protective, antioxidant, moisturizing

Re-vital PH Pure Harmony Care Soothing Skin Optimizer


Multiple skincare emulsion for particularly reddened, blemished and inflamed skin

  • anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing

  • regenerating and moisturizing

  • matte, refining, , firming and strengthening effect

Re-construc Enriched Nourishing Formula – Ultimate Skin Care


Restructuring age repair skincare for very dry or irritated skin

  • stimulates cell communication and repairs barrier function

  • stimulation of fibroblast production

  • antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

  • against cell + DNA damage

  • activates collagen production, prevents premature skin aging

Re-flect – SPF 25


Moisturizing sun protecting fluid. Daily care for everybody

  • protective sun care with chemical and mineral sun protection filter and a high care content – non-greasy, suitable for every skin. The implemented biomimetic lipopeptide has an anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antibacterial and soothing impact.

bdr Re-fresh Gelmasken


Intensive moisturizing and soothing regeneration mask in 4 sizes

  • instantly balanced, smoothed and even skin

  • builds cell volume

bdr Unit Systems


Single Lin

  • DermAbrasion, DermaLift, DetoxTouch

bdr Profipeel


Recommended for:

  • heavily calloused skin

  • large pored, thick skin

  • blemished / oily skin

  • sun damaged skin


  • dermabrasive

  • intensive, but gentle peeling

  • pore refining

  • improvement of absorption capacity

Apply to:

  • large areas

  • in all directions

  • face (neck and décolleté very carefully)

  • slowly, without pressure, using short strokes

bdr Stimulation XL


Recommended for:

  • weak connective tissue

  • fine / thin skin

  • atrophic skin

  • large-scale scarring

  • rosacea


  • skin function activating

  • regenerating

  • epidermal stimulating

  • strong epidermal penetration of skin serum

  • collagen and elastin stimulation

  • fine line reducing

  • facial contour tightening

Apply to:

  • large areas

  • all directions

  • face, neck

  • slowly, gentle pressure, long strokes

bdr – The Medical Beauty Concept

  • skin-function activation

  • regeneration

  • stimulation

  • perfect penetration
  • relaxation
  • sebaceous gland normalization
  • anti-inflammation

bdr Calming Light


Recommended for:

  • irritable, nervous, irritated skin

  • blemished skin

  • skin regeneration

  • all skin types


  • anti-inflammatory

  • decongestant

  • mood-lifting

  • soothing

In combination with:

  • any bdr mask

  • classic manual massage

  • circulation massage

  • pump massage


  • directly on dry skin or foil

  • 15-20 cm from the skin

  • 10-20 minutes

bdr Circulation Massage


Recommended for:

  • poorly circulated skin

  • atrophic skin

  • scars

  • tenseness

  • prophylactically


  • activates metabolism

  • activates circulation

  • muscle relaxant

  • loosens metabolic waste products

  • activates microcirculation


  • large area

  • classic massage strokes

  • medium speed

Caution – Do not use:

  • on blemished skin

  • during pregnancy

  • on inflammations

  • directly after injections

  • on customers with cardiac pacemakers

bdr Lymphatic Pump Massage


Recommended for:

  • lymphatic congestion / swelling

  • atrophic skin

  • skin impurities

  • rosacea / varicose veins

  • prophylactically


  • purifying, detoxifying

  • decongestant

  • improves transport of active ingredients

  • regenerating

  • relaxing

  • reassuring

  • activates metabolism


  • dry, fat-free skin

  • classic massage strokes

  • slow, gentle pressure, synchronous

Caution – Do not use:

  • on thrombosis / phlebitis

  • on customers with a temperature

  • during pregnancy

  • circulatory weakness

  • directly after injections with Botox

  • on customers with cardiac pacemakers

  • on customers suffering from tumors

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